0.28 seconds, Page2Images sets new single screenshot capturing record

Page2Images, an up-and-coming PC-to-mobile screenshot capturing tool, has seen the daily active users exceed 1,000 and user registrations soar since its launch months ago. What makes the tool stand out in a sector that demands high-level domain expertise? How is the service so attracted to overseas users?


A user survey by KADA Technologies, developer of Page2Images, indicates that the tool provides unique and most-anticipated user experience in terms of screenshot capturing speed, stability, image quality, API conciseness and pricing. Months of constant product optimization and upgrading have enabled Page2Images to excel in all screenshot features.

The increase of users and media attention are putting Page2Images in the spotlight and the survey offers analysis on the strengths of it.

Screen capturing speed

Page2Images has recently set a single screenshot capturing record of 0.28 seconds, which is literally even faster than a blink of the eye and leaves its competitors far behind. Screenshot capturing speed is undoubtedly a key factor of performance as users may require thousands of screenshots and perfect user experience at the same time, when the last thing they want to do is wait.

Auxiliary tools

Besides the abovementioned screenshot capturing features, Page2Images provides four free online tools, Mobile Emulator, Batch URL to Image Converter, Free Mobile OK Checker and Batch Mobile Checker. Emails from users express their love and support of the features and appreciate the dedication and generosity of the engineers, as there has not been such a powerful tool available for free so far. Page2Images’s development team is working on the new features of its fourth tool.


Page2Images also impresses the users with its prices that are literally lower than any other competitors. The prices of service packages quoted by several similar products in this sector are at least twice that of Page2Images. A user of Page2Images has even kindly suggested that a price hike is acceptable because he is concerned that business with such a low price would not be sustainable.

Going forward, Page2Images will enthusiastically commit itself to meeting users’ demand. The Chinese version Page2Images will hit markets in 2014, Page2Images announced.


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