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Website Screenshot Generator (Bookmarklet Version)

By end of 2013, Page2Images development team finished several big and nice features base on our API.  Social network is a hot topic in the last year. With a tip from one client,  we developed a PinPage bookmarklet which can help you to collect the entity page screenshot in PInterest. At the same time, we used the same technology to allow you make a screenshot on your current website page which we called website screenshot bookmarklet. We also improved the performance and quality of result. To short, we is very close to the best website screenshot provider in the world. Comparing to other screenshot generators (Snapito, shrinktheweb, url2png), our speed is the best, our price is the lowest and our quality is best.

Anyway, I am very glad to introduce those two free tools for you.

 PinPage Bookmarklet

What is bookmarklet? It is a tool in the bookmark bar of browser. You can use it to pass current open page of browser to another site. It is safe and easy to install. This bookmarklet when clicked will take the current browser page, snapshot it and send to Pinterest as a new pin, giving the best and real emulator. Please go to our website and take a look.


WebPage Snapshot Bookmarklet

This bookmarklet when clicked will take the current browser page, snapshot it and download it as a file, giving the best and real emulator. The only two difference of this bookmarklet to first one are:

1. This tool allows you to edit, crop the images after generate it;

2. This tool will not upload it to pinterest. image003

After generated the screenshot, you can crop it and add a computer monitor frame.


Hope you like those news bookmarklets. Your any feedback will be welcome.